Monday, January 6, 2014

Epiales: God of Nightmares

I am so tired and so lazy. I just want to sleep.

But I love my readers and the blog, my lazy arse is going to do this look.

I used my newly beloved Paint.NET again. It just works so nicely... So very nicely. I like using it with my tablet since I can quickly select the area and blahblahblah. You don't really need to ask me how to alter eyes, since there are tons of tutorials. (This is my hands-down favorite! *)

Stupid paint started to fade on my hands...
It's rather hard to personify nightmares. I wanted to look more... Horror movie. The sort of thing you'd see in a horror movie. Something sort of scary and messy. Make any sense? I really wanted to channel Hannibal Lecter (and I love my eyes this maroon red color ~ ). These shots are so artistic I think, which does save them a lot for me. I didn't do any real serious retouching aside from the eyes, I just cropped them and BAM! Stellar images.
I hate that piece of hair hanging in my face.
I was intending to do Hypnos before I tackled Epiales or Thanatos, but Hypnos will be a large amount of work for me. I can't handle it right now, which annoys me to no end. I'm seriously exhausted.

*If you use this and want to know how to remove the pupil, select Subtraction from the drop-drown menu above the tools window.

PS: The lighting being underneath was actually managed by holding a hanging light--which is basically a light socket attached to a plug--without the shade on it with my feet. I turned off the lights and had the flash on the camera on but shielded with paper. So artistic, right?

PSS: I showed Ze Boyfriend this and he said it reminded him of Smeagle. This made me laugh a lot.


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