Thursday, January 2, 2014

I Have a Secret ♡

And it's not even a good secret.

(Isn't that a song lyric? From Fall Out Boy? Secret is also such a weird word to spell out.)

I changed my hair again. I changed it after our show in November (it was great, btw) and only about 10 people know about it, not including my family or Ze Boyfriend.

I look like the Cheshire Cat. I approve. (Sorry for shaky camera :( )
I'm trying really hard to clear my near-empty Special Effects bottles and get the Jerome Russell PUNKY COLOURS jar from my medicine cabinet. It's kind of cluttered in there and it's pretty annoying. In this attempt, I picked up Special Effects Atomic Pink and PUNKY COLOURS Plum to cover the blonde/teal/turquoise in my bangs.

Washing my hair is a pain but I don't want the purple to stain the pink and I quite like the combination. I forgot how liquid/jelly-like PUNKY COLOURS is and how Special Effects is such a... Gel-paste-cream hybrid. It's rather "dry" by nature but doesn't dry out your hair; it instead clings like nobody's business. Since I didn't have enough Atomic Pink, I went and bought Flamingo Pink from the PUNKY COLOURS line.

In other news, this is the perfect excuse to try out ombré brows again; I've only done it... Once, I think, for Stocking. I might switch between Sugarpill Dollipop, Urban Decay Woodstock and a little bit of Sugarpill Poison Plum. I usually use whatever pink matches my hair best! I've also found Poison Plum too warm for my whole brow; looks a little clown-y on me/to me. I'm not sure how I feel about having Dollipop as my overall brow color, which is what I did on Christmas day. I think I'll have to go look for another matte plummy purple that's cool (maybe I'll finally pick up MAKEUP FOREVER's #92!); this won't stop me from using Poison Plum on my eyes though. It's just not good in my brows, heehee.

PS: I'll be doing a few more Greek gods/goddesses. Specifically Epiales, Hypnos, Thanatos, and obviously Nyx. I loved doing Nyx, goddess of the night, but I don't think I quite made it as nice as I could have. Oh well!

PS: I am so tired in that picture. I had just finished up shooting for Nyx and I had to wash my face with a bar of soap. Shockingly, my skin isn't crazy dry from it.


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