Sunday, December 29, 2013

Review: Sugarpill Pressed Eyeshadow Tako & Dollipop

Sugarpill's annual Black Friday Pink Weekend sale came along and I was hoping to snap up the Sweetheart palette but that was not in the cards for me sadly. It was more than I expected (I had a special budget!) this year, so I could only get two shades: Dollipop and Tako.

THESE BOXES! So cute ~
I've been eyeballing that palette as well as the now-discontinued Cold Heart palette, but now I'm looking at the Heart Breaker and Cold Chemistry palettes. I can't really buy them most times since they're $34 each with $6 shipping, so I try to wait for sales and when I have any extra money. This year, while I did have extra money, I couldn't manage to spend the near $31 on sale for the Sweetheart palette and instead picked two shades from the palette.
New boxes? Yes!
Side note: this year, Sugarpill sent out my order much sooner than I expected! Normally all orders from the Pink Weekend sale are sent December 1st or 2nd, but this time, my order was sent out Saturday when I ordered on Thursday. I guess after you've had 3 sales for Black Friday and a big Halloween sale, you learn how to handle the massive influx in orders!

I want to take a quick minute to talk about how Sugarpill packs up your products. Everything goes into a white box with Sugarpill's Pillkitty mascot and the logo in pink. Inside, your products are nestled in pretty pink tissue paper, along with the invoice, some nifty business/promo cards and a Sugarpill logo sticker. If you ever want to send someone Sugarpill products as a gift, it would be the easiest gift to send ever because it comes pre-prettied up for your recipient!
I love this crest thingy. Have I said that before?
Anyway! New Sugarpill shades I've really wanted. I don't have to buy the Sweetheart palette anymore, but I do want the beautiful blue Afterparty and grassy green Midori. As I've mentioned before, the box art is done by Miss Kika and it's always so cute. There's a new card featuring Amelia Arsenic for Cold Chemistry and the new neon Elektrocutes. On to the shades!

Tako (right), Dollipop (left)
 Dollipop is a very Barbie-esque, matte hot pink. I intend to make lots of use of this color, since it's actually pretty versatile! I have a few other pinks but I can't really name a pink quite like this one; the ones I have aren't as bright and bold. I think a decently close one is the old Companion Cube by Geek Chic but that's lighter, less intensely bright. (And by the way, I do not recommend Geek Chic.) I did a comparison swatch next to my favorite pink, Urban Decay's Woodstock in the original formula. Woodstock is very red-toned and it's obvious next to Dollipop, since Dollipop reads a little cooler. Woodstock also goes sheer without primer and build up. Word of warning: Dollipop does stain, but using it over a more opaque primer, it shouldn't stain so badly. I saw staining in my brows when I used Dollipop over my Woodstock pencil. Over my preferred primer, Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion, I didn't see any particularly bad staining as I did with my brows! NYX's Milk Jumbo Pencil might help you with any staining and really make Dollipop pop out. (So not a pun.)

Tako is a clean, crisp matte white and honestly, I haven't been able to get my hands on another matte white! Most are shimmery, pearly, or glitter bombs. The mattes I find don't offer white or they're more cream colored. This a very popular highlight and blending shade for many Sugarpill fanatics. I'm excited to have it now ~ I love it for blending! It does go on sheerer without primer, but when built up and over primer, it's insane.
No flash; swatched using a brush. Left to right: Woodstock, Dollipop, Tako
Flash; left to right: Woodstock, Dollipop, Tako
As usual, Sugarpill impresses with their eyeshadow and attention to detail. I don't find them dry or particularity powdery, they smooth out like a dream on the eye. Pigmentation is so wonderful! The pans are easy to get your brush into and pick up color. Tako was so buttery when I touched it! Amazing!! Dollipop was also super smooth.

If you want your own Sugarpill palette (they have 4 quads), visit Palettes go for $34 each but will go down fairly well during any Sugarpill sale. You have Sweetheart, Heart Breaker, Burning Heart, and the new Amelia Arsenic x Sugarpill Cold Chemistry palette to pick from! All colors in these palettes are part of the permanent line of pressed shadows. Cold Chemistry is ah-mazing! I hope to buy it soon-ish. Maybe.

ALSO: Sugarpill's customer service? AWESOME! I expected a reply to take a while because I emailed them during the Pink Weekend sale and thought they would be flooded with emails. Nope, I received a reply maybe 2 hours after I sent my email! Just, flat out, some of the best customer service I've received from an indie cosmetic company.

PS: This time, my Chromalust sample was Royal Sugar, a shade I've been eyeing since early this year I think! I'm excited ~


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