Saturday, December 28, 2013

Happy (Late) Holidays!

Happy (late) holidays! I hope you enjoyed whatever you happen to celebrate.

I'll be back (currently at Ze Boyfriend's from Christmas) with different things. I got my Sugarpill pieces from their annual Black Friday sale earlier this month and have to do swatches/photos. Have an update on my hair color and some more Greek god/goddess looks.

I'll be editing photos and maybe doing some facelifting on the blog with my new graphics tablet, which will have its own little unboxing post. The new, beautiful background/header I have in mind will hopefully be made without a problem. (Doing it all on my own with no one's help, just some stamp plug-ins for Photoshop.)

Anyway, I say bye for now! Ze Boyfriend came up with calling my readers "spooks" (for the guys) and "spookettes" (for the ladies). 


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