Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Review: LunatiCK Labs ApocalipSLICK in Bloody Hell

In my new quest to find a flattering-ish bright pink, I decided to get one of LunatiCK Labs' ApocalipSLICKs in Bloody Hell.

While I didn't get pink, I did get a very flattering red that could seriously make me give up lipstick completely in favor of these!

LunatiCK Labs is a brand I came across via Biohazardous Beauty (I love her!). They cater to the SFX and alternatively-minded makeup lovers with an interesting range of eyeshadows, blacklight shades, and lip products with face powder, fake blood, and a face paint stack. Very well-rounded offerings!

Yes, it came with glitter!
I'm going to gush about LunatiCK boxes for a second. IT'S A STRIPED BOX! And they put glitter inside!
ApocalipSLICKs come in a clear tube with a black cap. These are pretty hefty tubes! They have a nice amount of weight to them. On the bottom is the shade name and across the tube is a LunatiCK Labs label. The outer box has an ingredients list on the side, which you can view at the bottom of this page. Nice lip-loving ingredients ~ (Contains castor and jojoba oil!) The wand is a soft doe foot that actually spreads the color on wonderfully.
The shade Bloody Hell is described as "candy apple red." A long time ago, we had some candy apple red chairs. I loved that shade. This reminds me of those chairs! A very rich, glossy candy apple red with some blue undertones and a hint of pink. I could honestly wear this without foundation and be happy. That isn't something I can say about most red lips! Blotted, this becomes more matte but retains some gloss.
Flash photo shows the shine and the color beautifully.
This is a thin, creamy formula with a beautiful glossy shine sans stickiness. It goes on completely opaque and feels like liquid latex on my lips. That's not to say it's drying--it's actually quite comfortable on, hugging lips beautifully. This wears so comfortably and it does stain. You will get transfer so be careful and try not to touch your lips! This is really a no-fuss product, since it glides on easily and you can get opaque lips in just one pass. There's a sweet watermelon scent, which isn't bad but not my favorite. I'm just not a watermelon fan! The scent isn't noticeable on lips but it's certainly noticeable from the tube.
Bare lips; ApocalipSLICK in Bloody Hell, no flash and with flash. I totally failed at applying it, crumbs!
For $9 and about $6 shipping in the US, making these $15, you're getting a great lip product that's on-par with the high-end brands but features unusual colors (like the nifty lavender Grave Heart Shift!) These are 4grams each and not too far off from other lip products. You don't need to make many passes so you won't be using much product when you apply these. I'm eager for more of these, but I'm not sure what shade to get next. $15 is just too good to pass on. You can pick up Bloody Hell for yourself here and check out the other shades here.

PS. When I was doing lip swatches, I was thinking of the disembodied lips from Rocky Horror Picture Show. And yes, I did think of doing disembodied lips for kicks.


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