Thursday, October 9, 2014

Review: NYX HD Photogenic Concealer in Porcelain

I FINALLY GOT PORCELAIN. You may, or may not, have any idea how popular this shade of concealer is.

It's sold out just about every single day. I don't know if it's because it's bought up for highlighting or it's being used for concealing. But jeez, someone, leave some tubes behind!

If you've already read my review for Beige (CW04), then you know I am a fan of this formula.

Its so pale.
NYX HD Concealer comes in a thick plastic tube with black all over and a doe-foot applicator. Instead of the shade label being on the bottom of the tube, the sticker is on the top and the actual name is printed on the side of the tube. It is a little bit hard to find on some tubes, but it seemed to me that some had different packaging strangely enough (ie some tubes didn't have the "CW__" sticker on the tops or even safety seals despite the rest of the options having safety seals). The doe-foot is very typical of liquid concealers and also much less messy. The plastic wiper on the tube means you don't have a giant glob of concealer coming out and it's very easy to tap/dab onto the skin thanks to the doe-foot. Oh oh oh! These have safety seals! Actual safety seals! Do you know how awesome that is with NYX?! I hate that things like lipstick and the concealer sticks don't have safety seals. They really need it, along with testers set out. (By the way, the concealer sticks don't seem to have very good caps; pretty dry formula too.)
Porcelain is for the ultra pale. I mean that. It lives up to its name of Porcelain and NYX describes it as having blue undertones. No pink undertones here, but not too much in way of yellow undertones either! I'd likely say it's a nice neutral balance of the two. I've never heard a concealer or foundation described as having blue undertones (and I would think most use their concealer for under the eyes, which usually means darkness and that will mean blue tones, am I right?). I'd say, if you're fair and your face leans pink with cool undertones, go for Porcelain. This might be a very harsh highlight on more medium skin tones, even with intense blending.
I know you can barely see it, but I promise there's a blended swatch in the bottom photo!
Blending this out on my totally bare face (no foundation/BB cream, powder, etc), it looked white. Yes, white. I thought I was going to look like a nut who tried to highlight under my eyes. A little powder, possibly a little oxidation and different lighting than my room, it looked fine—totally seamless, brightening up under my eyes where my glasses cast those ugly shadows (gah glasses!). Perfectly blended out into my skin tone, and when I looked at it again outside, I don't know what I was worried about when I was inside. Did I mention how easily this blends? This is blending at it's finest. This was so easy to blend because it is just so creamy! It blends away inside my arm, and the swatch photos are in daylight. Shocking right?

I didn't find this lasting too long completely by itself with just powder, although I did test it in a mildly extreme way without all my normal makeup (shadow primer, several eyeshadows, some form of foundation/BB cream, powder). I walked to the store, which may be about 3 miles or less, in late summer-early fall heat. Due to mild sweating, I noticed it had worn away at the edges and become quite noticeable. About two hours before we left, I had to point out to Ze Boyfriend I was wearing nude eyeliner on my waterline and concealer to make my eyes look brighter with my glasses. He truly hadn't noticed I had something on my face.

I still love the formula, the shade is a wonderful match (despite me thinking it was white) and find it wears better with other products than just on its own from previous experience. You can find HD Concealer Wands at NYX's website as well as at Ulta. It may be difficult to find this shade since it is apparently pretty popular (but that could depend on where you are). Definitely a shade us scary-pale girls can use.


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