Thursday, October 9, 2014

Review: Rimmel London ScandalEyes Waterproof Kohl Eyeliner in Nude

I Bought This
I have no idea what to say about this eyeliner. It's a nice eyeliner. I really don't buy a lot of drugstore eyeliners, since I'm quite picky about formulas and colors.

Plus I have a lot of eyeliner already...

Again with this "I'm not suffering glasses-cast shadows" stuff. I really hate the shadows cast by my glasses, plus my lenses make my eyes look smaller. Another combatant to that, along with concealer, is nude eyeliner for brighter-looking and slightly bigger looking eyes. It's also a lot more natural looking compared to white eyeliner on the waterline.

Rimmel London ScandalEyes is a diverse range of products, featuring various mascaras and eyeliner in a variety of colors. ScandalEyes eyeliner claims to be waterproof but this isn't quite the case on the eyes. ScandalEyes eyeliner comes on a card, like many drugstores eyeliners do. It's all very basic.
ScandalEyes pencils are all painted the color of the pencil with a clear cap. They're made of the plastic "wood" we see on Urban Decay pencils, which has become very popular. You need to be careful with the cap, when taking it off and putting it on, because you can very easily nick the pencil tip if you aren't careful! It's a very soft formula.
I know this photo is a little bit shaded, but this does show the color against my skin quite well!
Truly a lovely formula. I mean that, this formula is extremely soft and creamy. It glides against the skin without skipping or dragging, leaving a pigmented line. Be gentle, because you can break the eyeliner's tip. The Nude color is a bit of a dark nude against my skin, leaning warm and yellow. Doesn't mean it doesn't work excellently on the waterline! I tend to pair it with Anonymous from Urban Decay's Vice palette, which lightens up the eyeliner a little and does wonders for opening the eyes. Any light eyeshadows that are in similar colors will work for setting this. I'm just partial to the color of Anonymous!

And to all the very silly women out there: you can sharpen these pencils like any "regular" wooden eyeliner or lip liner with a regular sharpener. I promise it is possible! I do it all the time.

As an alternative to the harsh white eyeliner, Rimmel's ScandalEyes pencil in Nude is a wonder. You can find it at Ulta, or anywhere that Rimmel London ScandalEyes eyeliner is sold! Most retails, I find, do carry Nude, but not all the shades. Ulta has 9 of the 10 shades offered, while Walgreens has all 10 shades. Price ranges but you shouldn't pay more than $5 for it in the States! I want to grab Taupe and Deep Blue, since I'm curious if Taupe could work for brows. (Facial bleach is expensive and something I won't use too much!)


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