Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Review: Estilo Collection False Lashes in E112 & E113

I Bought This
I got new lashes! For only $3.25?! Usually falsies are at least $5 for one pair in the US. Jeez.

I am insanely jealous of anyone who can get those big boxes of 10 lashes for very little money. I know they're on eBay, but they're a little bit pricier and not in styles I like that much.

But that's neither here nor there! New lashes, yes? I've been wanting to get new lashes for quite some time but the lashes available from Ardell aren't usually my cup of tea and neither are the options from the other brands available on the truly drugstore level (eylure, Andrea, etc). This limits my options. Another limit is shipping and tax (depends on the brand) if I buy online. Fastest way to drive up the cost of lashes is with shipping and tax! Lashes on eBay can also be a little pricy depending on their style, but at least they tend to have free shipping.

I couldn't find any information through Google about Estilo Collection. What was said in the listing and on the back of the box was "Lashes made in South Korea--Assembled in China--designed in U.S.A," which isn't a whole lot of information. The photos included a little brochure-catalog of the lashes, but again, no real brand information that I could discern. The only thing on the box is a Gmail address. They seem to be a very small, indie company based in Buffalo Grove, IL!
The lashes come in the run of the mill plastic case and pink tray, where you can store your lashes after removing and cleaning them off. I like storing mine in this little teeny box which really isn't the best storage method at all since they do get stuck together. (I want a nice little sectioned box that I can decorate to store my multiple lashes in!) It is, however, a simple way to toss them in my makeup bag and move on. If you don't use lashes often and want them to be nice, returning them to the tray can be a good way to keep them pretty. (So can not wearing them, but that might be seen as silly by a significant other, family member or friend. Unless they're limited edition shu uemura.)
How that for a macro?! See the "double band" on the lash strip?
E112 are half strip accent lashes. I've come to really like half-strip lashes since you can double them up on top of full strip lashes for a little extra "wow" and they're easier to apply if you struggle with full strip lashes. The lashes themselves are in a graduated style, with the longer  hairs crisscrossing at the bases and the shorter hairs also crisscrossing each other. I accidentally pulled hairs off a pair of these; how, I am not sure but it happened when I was trying to lift the band from the case with tweezers. Now they adorn my wig head! Luckily I thought to bring an extra pair of both in case something happened.

You can see the "double band" better here.
E113 are full strip, somewhat dramatic lashes. These are the kind of lashes I started with, though I probably should have started with half-strips instead. Nonetheless, I still love full strip lashes. They have a style like a sun flare, with the lengths alternating along the lash band. The smaller hairs between crisscross for some extra coverage between the longest hairs. A small flaw you might find on these particular lashes is the ends of the band are a little long. They can be easily trimmed off with nail clippers to prevent the lashes from poking you in the eye!

On the box, these claim to be "100% Human Hair." This does make me a little squeamish (it's the idea and thought of it) and I do prefer acrylic (synthetic) lashes, but these are really nice. These lashes are "double-banded" I noticed, with the actual lash band and a second string added with glue holding the two bands as well as the lashes together. It helps keep the shorter hairs all in place and in the correct design. To me, it feels like they're more held together. Other lashes (for example NYX), they're held together by multiple strands of string and the base of the acrylic hairs that are fused to create the band. Unfortunately, the strings can be pulled out if you aren't careful or if the lashes are poorly made and can also break and weaken. (Urban Decay, this means you!) When I was trimming my dead NYX lashes down, a small portion came apart due to the string. Oops... At least I didn't need that particular section!

If the idea of the double band worries you, the band that sits at the lash line is actually very thin! My biggest gripe with lashes tends to be with the band. A thick band or an immovable band (again, two issues with Urban Decay) is the worst thing. I don't find NYX lashes having a particularly thick band and they're very flexible, but it's not as thin as these. One tip makeup junkies will give is to bend the lash band into a "U" shape and "roll" it to get it into shape to apply easier. These almost have an invisible band, which is awesome. They will certainly blend into eyeliner!

I wore E112 and E113 stacked for Friday for Dragon*Con. They wore comfortably from 8 AM to 11:30 PM. Quite a long time to wear lashes! They never peeled up or made me want to rip them off. Sometimes, only sometimes, did I want to rip them off but that was mainly when I was taking a break from the activity in the hotel room Ze Boyfriend's parents snagged. I actually accidentally fell asleep in them and didn't have issues with them irritating me when I woke up. Please don't sleep in lashes though, people. This only happened by pure accident—I was exhausted from getting only about 4 1/2 hours of (really poor) sleep.

If you need lashes on a budget, go to hoyoung770618 for these Estilo lashes. The variety is nice, the lashes are great, and I really couldn't be happier. Yes, they're all bidding with a higher buy it now option, but really, I don't think anyone is going to be swooping in to take them from you. For a $1.75 (for E113) and a $1.50 (for E112), you can't really go wrong with 6 pairs. I did accidentally damage one of the E112 lashes when I tried to peel them out of the container by the band with tweezers; the hairs came off. I don't know how, I think I accidentally grabbed the hairs instead of the band since I was in a very small rush. The pair I ruined I'll probably stick on my wig head! Because why the heck not?



  1. Ooh now that's affordable! And they're looong! I wish we could see a pic of you wearing them :)

    1. I know! They're awesome! I probably should (and likely will) put up a photo of them on my eye. :P There aren't many false eyelash reviews out there either so seeing them on is good!


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