Friday, March 15, 2013

Review: NYX HD Studio Photogenic "Stay Matte But Not Flat" Powder Foundation

I am running out of HD powder! My beloved MAKEUP FOREVER HD Microfinish Powder!
I'm kidding; its not ending. Well, for me, it was getting close. I've only used HD powder for what's going on nearly 3 years now. It leaves my foundation smooth, my face looking great and keeps everything in place.I initially went with the MUFE HD powder because it was readily available unlike e.l.f.'s HD powder and NYX's. My main reason for buying it was because I wanted to have a nice photo for my last school photo; no oily skin, faded or oxidized makeup and I had a lovely sample of Urban Decay's Pore Perfecting Complexion Primer which works wonderfully if you have combination skin. If I had the money, I would buy that primer now even if I don't regularly use primer. It would be that extra step for special occasion makeup.

Rather than HD powder, this time I decided to get a NYX compact of powder. My MUFE had .35 oz for $35 at Sephora. Well, MUFE changed the packaging and the amount in the packaging for the biggest size. They made it .3 oz for $35, where as NYX is .21 oz for $9.99 at Ulta. The jar looked as full as my MUFE one does now, quite disappointing. I then decided I would try out the Twin Cake Powder ($13.99) since it has several fair shades. That wasn't available in store but the HD remake of the Stay Matte Not Flat powder was. I still was able to walk out with a new face powder!

Sorry for the blur! That weird reflection is from me trying to ste up a new place to shoot. Failed.
Per usual, NYX sticks with their black packaging with white text. The compact is a little bit weighty, but its not bad; it certainly doesn't feel flimsy. You don't feel like it will break if it was dropped, though I can't say whether or not the powder would survive it. The range has 15 shades, but Ulta only carries 10 which leaves out 5 of the medium shades. In store, if you've seen NYX in an Ulta store, you probably know they have the flip-up clear shields over products. Makes it incredibly easy to match a powder to your skin tone. There is a clear, removable plastic shield inside the compact to protect the mirror from getting covered in powder. The sponge that is included is actually pretty okay for application! I still use my brush for my whole face but under the eyes, folded and dipped in the powder, it works quite nicely. Would probably be good for on-the-go application. The bottom is also well vented in comparison to many powder compacts I've seen.

Powder in Ivory (SM01)
Sponge in the well underneath the powder
Sponge alone
This was very hard to swatch. Ivory (SM01) blends perfectly on my face and you can only slightly see it on my arm/hand. It doesn't leave my face as smooth to the touch as silica powder but since I don't touch my face very often, it isn't a big deal. As I didn't do a full-face of foundation, only concealed a few areas and any redness as well as any problem areas, I can't say anything on the lasting powder on my most oily area: my nose. This will, like all powders, stick to dry patches. I've been having issues with scrubbing my face. (Swatch will be done tomorrow, with some effort/work.) This will kick up powder when used with a brush, but I haven't seen a powder that doesn't kick up powder with a brush! The sponge didn't kick up powder and a puff shouldn't kick it up either.

Want to try it yourself? Ulta carries it for $9.99 but like I said before, they only have 10 of the 15 shades available so in case you can't find your match, check on where it goes for $9.49. I highly recommend find swatches of all the shades, as NYX's online swatches aren't really true-to-life all the time.


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