Friday, March 22, 2013

Sorry, Here's Some Art!


For the lack of posts! I got sick Wednesday, then kind of ran out of things to review and got busy shortening bra straps to make them wearable.

Not that you needed to know that last part, but hey, shortening the straps with a little cutting+sewing was the best thing I've ever done! Now let's get to the art. As I don't have anything beauty-related to show today, I thought I would upload art. This is just for today though. I'll get things back in order. No worries!

Okay, so these were actually all colored using eyeshadow. Yes, eyeshadow and my makeup brushes. These were all for a school project, one involving a Joseph Stalin quote. And one more that has a tiny amount of editing: 
I used HP Photosmart Essential 2.01 and "Adaptive Lighting" from the editing menu. I tend to draw really lightly with what I like to call "hairlines" because they're wispy, thin, and everywhere. You can see the lines I'm talking about at the top of the headphones.

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