Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Please don't do everything you read on the Internet

Just please, don't do it.

There's a lot of bad information floating around the web. One such tip is using Vaseline as an eye makeup remover.

I've heard the really very bad ideas of "using Vaseline to make your lashes grow." Well, Vaseline is an occlusive. This means it seals in moisture, creating a (sometimes greasy) barrier over the skin. I know you put it on the tips of your lashes, but really, how would this make them grow at all?

Vaseline is one thing and one thing only: petrolatum. It's approved uses go nowhere near the eye to the point you could damage your eyes. It has been suggested a means of "brow wax" to slick down your brows and keep them in place. That's one use that wouldn't cause it to get in your eyes.

Okay. On the tips of lashes. It seals in moisture, but that wouldn't cause lash growth. It could make them appear longer but it wouldn't actually promote real lash growth.

Vaseline mixed with loose eyeshadow, bronzer, etc. This is a giant no-no. It's on your eye, which can lead to it getting into your eye. This will also be a greasy, creased, slippery mess. How unpleasant! Vaseline also traps heat on the skin, which could be very unpleasant on the eyes.

Vaseline on the lips. You ingest a little lip product every time you wear it. Ingesting Vaseline? No thank you! This can actually kill you. Not immediately, but overtime.

And the worst: Vaseline as an eye makeup remover. We've all heard of the oil cleansing method, correct? The oil cleansing method has been praised for the ability to remove eye makeup with a cotton ball or pad and face makeup in a breeze, while also hydrating skin. Well, using Vaseline to remove your eye makeup? No, please don't. Vaseline isn't approved to be used in the eye area for a reason. Eye makeup removers are. Just because you can wash away the Vaseline doesn't mean you should use it to remove your eye makeup, especially the waterline. I have used eye makeup remover on a cotton bud to remove anything messy from my waterline while applying makeup. It didn't bother my eye or my contact lenses. Vaseline, even in the smallest amount, can still be left on the waterline even after you "wash it off." Have you ever tried washing off Vaseline? It's not easy. How would you wash your eye and waterline anyway? Wouldn't you get soap in your eye? Contact lens solution wouldn't remove it all and you would use a lot of it, as well as possibly flushing the residue of the Vaseline further into your eye!

Please, ladies (and gents), don't believe or follow every tip on the Internet. Not all of them are safe or even well-thought out.


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