Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Swatched & Tested: NYX Glam Liner Aqua Luxe Liquid Liner + Bonus Swatches

I stopped by Ulta today to pick up NYX's Jumbo Eye Pencil in 604 Milk, which is in a forthcoming review. While I was there, I swatched the Glam Liners that were available. As you've read, I can't wear these.

Not all of these are truly waterproof, nor are they very impressive dry! They can flake when rubbed and will fade when rubbed as well. These are very pretty, with lovely colors available though and do stain.

The handle on these is long, with the color of the liner on top of the handle. Skinny, tiny brush that picks up the liquid eyeliner quickly and easily but needs to be wiped off. The Butter Lip Glosses are packaged in tubes that are colored to match their gloss shade and have a basic doe-foot applicator. Needs to be wiped off, since this gloss is sticky (I generally dislike sticky gloss) and can grab too much product on the doe-foot.

I think I got all the liner colors available but the new Butter Lip Glosses weren't all in stock. Yummy, faint smell on those. I've actually fallen in love with two of the shades! Just on swatches alone.
Freshly swatched in Ulta; iPod photo (sorry ~ )
The Aqua Luxe liners were photographed dry, after swatching. Top three: Glam Lagoon, Glam Purple, Glam Black. Second row: Glam Golden (called smoke with gold glitter), Glam Platinum, Glam Pink (yes, it's really pink! It wore out while I wasn't bothering it). Bottom row: Glam Nude, Glam Azure, Glam 24 Karat
Rubbed away with just my finger. Notice how Glam Pink is nearly gone! Glam Platinum didn't do so well that either.
I noticed a little later that the pink color had flaked away while I was doing other things while out. I later rubbed them with my finger to see how they lasted. Flakes of glitter and a little color coming off.
Just water and my finger!
When I got home, I tested how they lasted with just water and rubbing. They didn't fare so well! After I just washed my arm with soap and water, since I still had the glosses on my arm. (My batch watermark program also broke...)
Onto the glosses... I can't tell you the names on these individual because oh joy, these were all in the wrong slots at Ulta! I'm going to attempt to give you names. What I can tell you for a fact: that red is Cherry Pie. The top left shade looks like Apple Strudel. Here are swatches from Karen at Makeup & Beauty Blog:
From the Makeup & Beauty Blog
Swatches from the left: Strawberry Parfait, Éclair, Peaches and Cream, Merengue, Crème Brûlée, Peach Cobbler, Tiramisu, Apple Strudel, Vanilla Cream Pie, Cherry Cheese Cake, Maple Blondie and Cherry Pie. Karen has NC35 skin (yes, she's matched by MAC. Unlike yours truly...).

I hope to snag Cherry Pie and Éclair, because Cherry Pie would make a great red lip gloss over lipstick or on its own. Whenever I go back to Ulta, I intend to get full swatches of the colors make sure I have these organized. Nothing is worse than me finding a STUNNING color that I think I can pull off (the lighter ones go on sheer on lips) and forgetting the name shortly after. I don't like swatching lip gloss because it can get everywhere. Obviously, you can find these glosses and liners wherever you buy NYX! On NYX's website, the gloss retails for $5.00; Ulta has it for $4.99. The liquid liners for $5.50 directly from NYX and for $5.49 at Ulta. These prices are silly!


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