Saturday, February 16, 2013

Review: Too Faced Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush

Pretty cute, right?
I said it in my pre-Valentine's Day post that I would be getting this beautiful product as a gift from Ze Boyfriend. I already said I don't buy or use blush and its true. Its a step I skip in my makeup routine normally. I may use a little of the blush that came in my Glamour To Go Dream Edition palette that came out in 2011 for nights when we go out. Why do I normally skip it entirely? I don't want to find my Smashbox travel-sized Angled Blush Brush, a little freebie from Ulta when Ze Boyfriend's mom bought some cosmetics. I also don't want to sweep, tap and then sweep-blend the product onto my cheeks either. I am lazy. I am aware of this.

Shimmery rose pink, matte coral pink, shimmery peach-pink
Now this blush is from the Boudoir Collection for Spring 2013 and is very fun to look at. Its heart-shaped, super cute and very minimal packaging. Sadly it is in a cardboard box (BOO!) but at least it isn't super flimsy. The size and shape don't make it very travel-friendly but I wouldn't really travel with my blush. I only take my cosmetics when I go spend the weekends with Ze Boyfriend at his place and personally only toss my gloss, lipstick and liner plus powder in my bag. I would try to fit in my makeup bag but if it doesn't fit, that's okay. I can always throw it in my bag and take it out when I do my makeup.

Rose, matte coral, peach and then all colors together. Each was one good swipe with my finger.
As for the product itself, I really love it. Silky, pretty, glowy. The powder is dense, but its easy to apply when you have it on a brush. Its just amazing to me, who isn't a blush fanatic. The stripes are in rose, coral and peach-pink. It is very shimmery but don't be scared, its makes a very nice glow on the cheeks. Blended together, the colors make a pleasant pink that isn't crazy bright and looks great on. I truly don't use blush but I do love this. I might actually have to start using blush more, as long as its this one. I don't have much experience with baked products to be honest, but this is wonderful. You would need a small and dense brush if you wanted to use one particular color but its easier to just do one sweep through all three colors. A dense brush will be your best friend for this!

Cheap compact brush VS Angled blush brush.
When I opened this and swept my blush brush through it, only the short end of the brush got color! The brush is admittedly pretty fluffy but I had to hold it by the bristles while I swept it through. Your fluffier blush brushes probably won't get the job done, because I got barely any color with the brush I normally use. Test it out if you buy it. The baked formula worked wonderfully with a cheapo, drugstore compact brush (you know, the scratchy annoying ones that come with pressed powder). Denser brush for a denser formula. Don't get me wrong, my blush brush works just fine on regular pressed powders. It doesn't work so well for baked powder since its so fluffy.

Angled Blush Brush - one sweep (I told you my nails looked bad!)

Cheap brush - one sweep
Right side - Angled Blush Brush
Left side - compact brush
If you're interested, you can find it at Sephora, Ulta or Too Faced for $29. I highly recommend checking for it online at before you go if you plan to buy in person. It was sold out, with only the tester on display at Ulta while Sephora had maybe 5 when I went to get mine. Definitely swatch before you buy! Just to see how it will look on your specific skin tone.

(Super sorry for my face looking a little powdery! I didn't use my HD powder when I applied my foundation to show the blush. I also wanted to get this up last night but sadly, Blogger just hates using mobile to make posts!)


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