Thursday, April 4, 2013

Review: NYX Glitter Mania Loose Cosmetic Glitter Hot Gold & Pink (Discountinued)


Glitter, glitter, glitter. I love glitter. I don't know how any of you feel about glitter, but I love it. I'm pretty okay with glitter eyeshadows, never like the amount of fall out I can get when I don't use the appropriate primer/primer-type products. I don't use plain loose cosmetic glitters often, but I use them for special occasion-type looks.
Pink (GP04) & Hot Gold (GP08)
It's kind of hard to find plain cosmetic glitter in stores that can be used in the eye area and NYX had them. I don't think they're available any more sadly! They were discontinued... It won't stop me from reviewing though.

As I said already, I freaking love glitter. It's fun. I used Kandee Johnson's tutorial for a glittery New Years look in 2011, for one of Ze Boyfriend's birthday dinners. She did a gold look for her tutorial, which I decided to do too. I liked it, thought it was pretty. I think she used Eye Kandy's glitter adhesive for eyes? Anyway, I went looking for a glitter to use and found NYX's Glitter Mania glitters that came in 10 different shades. Paired with a gold eyeshadow and NYX's gold Jumbo Pencil, I had the perfect look for his birthday. I later did the same look with pink glitter for Valentine's Day one year.

Pink (GP04)
Hot Gold (GP08)

These come in tiny vials with black screw tops and a small opening at the neck. A silver sticker has the color, barcode, and the usual generic stuff that NYX has on their labels. The problem with the packaging is here though: the sticker keeps the vial sealed but also has the name on it, which would get lost when the sticker was removed! AUGH. WHY! I peeled the sticker off all the way, snipped off the piece with the name and stuck it back on. That was still such an annoyance.
Packaging open
NYX had two shades of gold glitter: Gold and Hot Gold (GP08). I was with Ze Boyfriend when I was picking up the products I needed and we discussed which one. The differences are pretty minimal; Gold is just basic gold glitter. That's it. Hot Gold, on the other hand, is a gold glitter with irridescence meaning I got to have gold and rainbow sparkle. Yay! Pink (GP04) is the lighter of the two available (the other is Hot Pink), with a pastel iridescence of green, purple, and blue. Not too impressive in comparison to Hot Gold. (By the way, the black smear on Pink is eyelash glue.)

Look at that iridescence!!
Really unimpressive glitter. Reminds me of Easter.
You might be wondering how I keep from wasting glitter/making a huge glittery mess, how I apply it, how I put the excess back in. When I use it, I usually have a napkin or tissue on the counter or table that I pour a little glitter on to for when I'm ready to use it. If I use Kandee's tutorial for the look, I put on primer, a Jumbo Pencil, matching eyeshadow and then Too Faced Shadow Insurance Glitter Glue to hold that glitter in place till I decide to take it off. I like to use Urban Decay's Good Karma shadow brush from the NAKED palette, which sort of looks like a concealer brush (I think it's called a Philbert shape?), to pick up the glitter and then pat it into place. When I finish both eyes, I pick up the corners of the napkin to make a funnel and pour the excess back in, pop the top back in and make sure it's screwed on tight.

Glitter & brush
So pretty!
Hot Gold (GP08), no flash
Hot Gold w/ flash
Pink (GP04), no flash
Pink w/ flash
Hot Gold, no flash, over Glitter Glue
Hot Gold w/ flash over Glitter Glue
The iridescence is just so amazing to stare at.
Hot Gold next to Pink, no flash, over Glitter Glue
Hot Gold next to Pink w/ flash, over Glitter Glue
I left a message on NYX's Facebook to ask about the Glitter Mania glitter but they haven't gotten back to me. NYX got back to me and said these were, in fact, discontinued. I do think these were $1.99-$3.99 at Ulta and maybe $2.99-$3.99 from NYX. Sadly, both retailers don't have the glitter listed online! It has got to be the most annoying thing out there. Anyway, if you want to see the tutorial, here it is:

UPDATE: My giant freaking a-hole brother poured my Glitter Mania down the drain of my bathroom sink. He's 20-something, can't keep his hands to himself and doesn't know what self-control is!


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