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Shoe Review: MAX★STAR C50 7-Holes Zipper Platform Sneakers in Mint

I love shoes. I admit it. Shoes are fun! I have a serious love for all Converse and some converse-style shoes. I am big on platforms (maybe because I'm short? Only about 5'4") and love platform sneakers even if that sounds a little silly. My first platforms that were sneaker-like were a pair of "vegan leather," black Demonia creepers with the signature Coffin Compartment. Soon after I found platform sneakers and wanted them!

I found MAX★STAR last year and fell madly in love.

MAX★STAR is a South Korean company who have excellent customer service and do some awesome custom converses too. You NEED to check out the custom section! Do it! It's really crazy. They do several different platform sneakers and non-platforms, non-sneakers (no laces) and "hidden platforms" where the insole is raised, sort of making those sneaker wedges I hate (the ones I've seen are just not attractive). Their color selection is amazing ~ Mint, blue, yellow, pink, black, red, etc. A whole spectrum so you can always find what you're looking for. The plain platform sneakers come in a variety of platform heights and have both low and high tops. I opted for high tops, as a personal preference.
(Source: MAX★STAR)
Onto my shoes... As I said, I found MAX★STAR last year and fell in love. With mint shoes. 

Yes. Mint.
I added that purple line myself. (Picture originally from MAX★STAR)
I made them my Christmas present when they had a free shipping campaign for New Years that ran through January. They got here super quick because it was for free upgraded shipping, but packages from South Korea, Malaysia, Japan and China usually take a week and a half or two weeks to get to me. They came in a cardboard box, covered by a white FedEx mailing bag. The shoes were in their dust bag which was inside a plastic bag. The initial pair I got were a 7 (my regular size) and were a bit tight around the curve (shown above by the purple line), so we ordered an 8 after. Much better. I wore them as soon as I could!

(Source: MAX★STAR)
These are canvas and they're super comfy. The inside has interface-looking material lining it but these shoes are most definitely not cheaply made. A solid white sole with the racing stripes, a circular logo on the outer side, and a leather toe cap. Every review I read/watched said they got free laces thrown in, maybe because they were compensated with free shoes to review, I don't know and don't really care; I have more than enough pairs of laces. As I said, these shoes come with a lovely dust bag with the MAX★STAR logo to store your shoes in. Oh, despite that platform, these are incredibly light! The package was only 2 lbs!

My biggest gripe with any of my pairs of Converse and others are the little grommeted holes on the sides that let water in when it rains. Not cool, Converse. What are the holes for anyway? Thankfully those silly little holes aren't here! I also don't have to worry about soggy shoes or wet socks anymore. Your shoes also won't get dirty but the platform will, which is pretty easy to clean up on the sides. I have worn these when it was drizzling before and they barely got wet. Haven't really been out in a bad rain recently though we have had rain that was pretty bad. I just didn't have anything to leave the house for personally.

You will get comments on these because they're platform sneakers! I haven't gotten a comment directly but people are loud and I have overheard people going (verbatim) "OH MY GAWD I LOVE HER SHOES." That was weird. I'm pretty used to people making comments about my shoes, though its usually about my heels. I don't know why, maybe its because I buy heels with crazy designs.

These were $39.98 and came close to $50*. Fairly expensive but they hold up well and it's been 3 months. That's about the time my sneakers start looking like they've taken a beating. These just had a little dirt on the side of the platform, no big deal.

If you want a pair, you can find them at MAX★STAR. They have a pretty big range of sizes and have been doing their best to get bigger sizes. If you have a question, leaving a comment will get you helped both on the website and on their Facebook page! They're super nice. There's a color and everyone, I'm sure.

*I ordered these in January, and shipping has changed since then. You can see the prices & options here.

PS: Sorry for the stock photos. I could not, for the life of me, get pictures of these shoes. The place I usually use is preoccupied at the moment. I'll get wear pictures up and some non-stock photos.


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